Getting Started

What is Eqcelerate?

Eqcelerate is an Equity Crowdfunding platform here to enable Canadians to invest in local startups and small businesses that they're passionate about. We work with these companies by making financing for their projects more accessible - whether it be launching a new product, opening a new store, or otherwise. Think Kickstarter meets WealthSimple. Canadian companies can now raise capital faster than ever before.

Find a campaign you want to support and do so by directly investing in them. In return you'll get equity and often times some pretty exclusive perks as well!

What is Equity Crowdfunding?
How does it differ from Traditional Crowdfunding?
Why would a company launch an Equity Crowdfunding campaign?
Why Invest in Startups and Small Businesses?
What is the Fundraising Process?

For Investors

Who can invest?

Investors must be a Canadian citizen and 18 years of age or older to invest in an equity crowdfunding campaign. At this time, Eqcelerate only permits residents of Ontario to invest in our campaigns. Stay connected with us for updates as our provincial eligibility expands.

How do I invest?
Are investors charged any fees?
What is the minimum/maximum investment I can make?
Where does my money go after I invest?
How do I sell my shares after I have invested?
Is this a risky investment?
New Investor Tips
Does Eqcelerate recommend good investments?
What level of due diligence does Eqcelerate do when companies launch their campaign?
Who decides a company's valuation?
What if Eqcelerate becomes insolvent or discontinues operations?

For Companies

What kind of companies are on Eqcelerate?

Eqcelerate knows no boundary! We work with all types of Canadian startups and small businesses coast-to-coast across all industries.

How much can a company raise?
What does the 'minimum/maximum funding target' mean?
How long is the offer period available for a campaign?
When will the company receive the funds?
Can a company extend their campaign's deadline?
What does it cost to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign?
What happens if the funding target is not reached?