Who We Are

We are Eqcelerate, a team of Canadian entrepreneurs with the mission to support the growth and sustainability of Canadian Startups and Small Businesses. We’ve always been strong supporters of local businesses, from visiting our favourite breweries and coffee roasters to partnering with Canadian tech startups. We started Eqcelerate because we wanted to support domestic growth beyond just buying local. Instead, we wanted to invest in Canadian founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners and drive sustainable domestic growth within our communities.

Our Core Principles

What drives us.

Financial Accessibility

Any founder with a great idea shouldn't be constrained by access to capital. And private investments shouldn't be left to the wealthy investor. We're an alternative to traditional seed and angel investments. Any retail investor with money to contribute has access.

Domestic Impact

A community focused on Canadian startups and small businesses. Now we can support these businesses beyond just buying locally. Together we can invest in Canadian founders, entrepreneurs, businesses, and communities.

Consumer Driven

A platform designed to connect founders and entrepreneurs with consumers and investors. Consumers are the decision makers. If there's a good idea, it should get funded.

Founders First

Founders have a vision for their business. We want to help them achieve it. That’s why they can raise capital and still be the ultimate decision-makers in their venture.

Network Creation

A business is only as strong as its network. We want to empower each business we work with and provide the tools they need to foster and maintain customer and business relationships.

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Pitch Competition

Eqcelerate was selected as the grand prize winner in Queen's Innovation Centre Winter Pitch Competition.
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Our Team

Bridging the gap between the the private and public sectors.

Jacob Pullia
Jacob PulliaManaging Director
Jacob has over 5 years of experience in strategy and financial services consulting across North America, living in the financial services hubs of Toronto and New York, working with start-ups and FinTechs to Fortune 500 Corporations and Top Global Banks.
Alexander Parsalidis
Alexander ParsalidisManaging Director
Alexander has over 3 years of experience in strategic public policy for the Government of Canada, with a focus on analyzing labour market challenges, having completed his M.A. in International Economics at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs.