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$5,000.00 Raised from $5,000.00 Goal

Eqcelerate Growth in Canadian Businesses

Raise funds for the next big project here in the Great White North.

Make an Impact

Investing at the grassroot level supports local business growth.

Access the Private Markets

Tapping into the private markets as a retail investor.

Earn Rewards & Benefits

Becoming a shareholder has its perks.

Invest Local

Building a better and more sustainable Canadian economy.

Eqcelerator Updates

The latest news from Canadian startups and small businesses.

Eqcelerating Together

Eqcelerating Together

EqcelerateMarch 13, 2021
A community focused on eqcelerating capital raises for Canadian startups and small businesses.
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Meet the Team

Eqcelerate was started by a team of Canadian entrepreneurs with the mission to support the growth and sustainability of Canadian Startups and Small Businesses. And with a long list of our favourite coffee shops, breweries, and local brands, we're passionate about what we do everyday.

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